Ive got a few ideas for the game.

1) Have weather, this will make the game feel more realistic. It would make the game feel more realistic by having to deal with the day to day issues that farmers have to face. If there was a very bad rain shower then we could try and get rid of the puddles/ try to fix the problem.Then crops could grow according to the weather. For example if it was da drought, water could be collected from the river to try and keep them alive.

2) Another idea is go give gamers the chance to expand/ create little side businesses alongside the farm. For example making the farm into a park where people can stay on a working farm. This would help with the money and give us farmers the extra income that is needed when you canít sell anything.

3) Or alternatively where we have a chance to move to a different location rather than having the same layout for everyone. This will make the farm interesting because then wherever the farm is there will be different things to face/ different landscapes where things can and canít be

What do you think of these ideas?