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Thread: -The Outlaws- | Clan Level 14 | Crystal 1 Clan War League | TH8+

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    Post -The Outlaws- | Clan Level 14 | Crystal 1 Clan War League | TH8+

    Please do not request to join before contacting me. You will not be accepted without a specific password.

    Looking for a quality war clan, who doesnít take the game too seriously, yet wins on a fairly consistent basis? Want a clan who will include you in wars, clan war leagues, and who always maxes their clan games?

    Look no further! We donít require an excellent attacker or always-online player, we just would like to see you grow with us!

    We have plenty of TH12s who use 1 gem donations to fill up war machines, and our clan loves to donate! Donít feel bad about requesting a lot, eitheró we only require a 1:3 donated to request ratio.

    Ready to join a real clan? Comment or PM me for details!

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    I really like your clan, I am a town hall 9 and am trying to have fun and get better

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