Hi everyone,

I recently made a new clan on the 09/06/19. We have around 10 members in the clan at the moment. My focus with this clan is to become a tight group of players who enjoy war, are active and donate etc. I am in Australia but I'm happy for you to join us as long as you speak english. I want to build a clan where we can rely on each other and grow together.

I am a maxed th7, who has a maxed th9 account as well. I hope I can find genuine players who want to build a clan from scratch and be able to do all the fun things! At the moment we have 12 players. I'm excited to get into the community with you guys to have fun. I know when clans start off they suck but I'm determined to make this clan something and I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen.

If you've got any question feel free to leave them under this post, but that's about it, have a nice day.