About Us
We are a newly formed clan on an undefeated run of 9 wins, we look to keep this streak going as far as possible and have a very high win to loss ratio in clan wars. We are looking for active players that will also take part in donating and clan games. War is not compulsory so farmers and pushers are welcome.
Requirements for war members
th8- max or nearly max (consistently 3 star other th8's)
th9- 15/15+ heroes, maxed war troops and lv9+ walls (consistently 3 star other th9's)
th10- 25/25+ heroes, maxed war troops
th11- 35/35/5+ heroes maxed war troops

*anyone is welcome to request and we will review your request just leave some information in the request for us e.g. just upgraded town hall (incase you dont meet requirements we will understand)

ibarch™ #29YJCVLOP

leave any questions down below and i will try to help out