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Thread: Wish SC included Clan Leagues for Builder Hall in update

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    Well looks like we got Darian's attention -- hopefully this idea will bubble up to serious consideration in future CoC updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OledirtyRejects View Post
    It’s a start screen. That’s like saying cwl & regular war are same because they both start with same sort of start screens to que... they aren’t it’s different point system, different roster system, etc

    Millions of people are able to play cwl & war. It’s really not that hard of concept to instate in BH. If you remove live component and make matchups hidden results till both players complete match... problem solved. Next...
    Sure, but then who cares? Just a rehash of the MV which they have said they didn't want to do. IMO i'd be bored after the first war like that.

    I do like what you did, though. I just don't think they can implement something like that for this large of a playerbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutty31383 View Post
    This isnt entirely true as you dont necessarily need to have ppl online at the same time. Thinking about it, the only thing your opponent contributes to an attack is their ability to spectate if they finish first. SC could simply assign targets at the start of war and you hit whenever convenient. This would obviously lead to clans holding attacks until the end of wars, but its atleast functional from an implementation perspective.

    My big concern with BH wars is the potential monotony. There is alrdy an “issue” with seeing the same bases over and over again when doing dailies. Sounds absolutely horrible to carry this into wars as well. Perhaps Im wrong and BH wars might encourage a bit more base building, but I have my doubts. I also wonder what the rewards would be from BH wars? SC has made it clear that progression (in BH) is to be limited by the influx of resources, namely the three daily wins. I dont see them adding to that via BH wars so what then would be awarded? Bragging rights?
    I'm basing what I said off of how BH is designed. It is designed to be a one on one fight. Winner takes loot.

    In the MV, the idea is scouting out bases and attacking when the player isnt there to steal their loot.

    These are fundamental differences in how they are played. Which make both of them unique.

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