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    Any chance we could limit number of posts allowed?

    Specifically referring to the "I need a clan" sub-forum.

    I check it several times per day to see if anything new has popped up. Every now and then some noob has spammed their recruitment reply on 100 different posts, many of them several weeks old and I have to go to page 2 to see a new thread posted 2 hours ago because the first page is full of threads from several weeks ago.

    Was wondering if we could limit the number of replies allowed to 10 per day or something like that. They'll still spam but at least it won't be quite as bad as it can get from time to time. Usually not an issue I guess but every now and then... Just annoying, that's all.

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    Try this out:

    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    One thing you should use in your recruiting is the forum's search feature. Most times when I search the forums, I use Google because I'm looking for a thread that contains some bit of info and I don't remember where it is, and Google is very fast and powerful. But when I'm recruiting, I use the forum's own search feature because it has some really handy options for narrowing down the hits and finding what you want. You can even save your search criteria as the default, so that you can repeat the search any time you're recruiting new players. They key is to use the "Advanced Search" tool and go to the "Search Single Content Type" tab. From there, you're given some pretty good search criteria to use.

    You might like this one:
    • Search type: Posts
    • Keywords: (optional: I will often use something like "adult" and select "Search Titles Only")
    • Search in Forum(s): I Need A Clan!
    • Find posts: A Week Ago and Newer
    • Sort Results by: Thread Start Date and in Descending Order
    • Show Results as: Threads
    • (optional: Save Search Preferences & Go; this will save these selections only on this tab)

    If you use these selections I've listed above, instead of seeing all the threads that were recently bumped or replied to, you'll get a list of all threads (optionally, with your chosen title search criteria) created in the I Need A Clan! sub-forum in the past week, with the newest one at the top. This will help you to see current recruitment threads and not have to wade through the ones that are weeks old, where the member has likely already found a clan, but someone just bumped it again with a blanket copy-and-paste "Join us" message. It's pretty helpful to see the forest for the trees.
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