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Thread: Looking for members for New Asgard 🦸🏼🔨🏆

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    Are you an Avengers' Fan? Come join 'New Asgard' 🦸🏼🔨🏆

    Come and join New Asgard to grow as a community, succeed in the derby and help each other out. Our neighborhood is very active and helpful and we're seeking more active members who can make it even better. You wont be disappointed

    New Asgard

    Level 30 and up


    1. We are derby focused. We aim to complete as many tasks as we can with the highest points. We try to trash derby tasks that dont give us much value.

    2. We are always HAPPY to trade and help our neighbors out with anything they need. We often sell materials and items to our team first at low prices before we advertise to the rest of the world. You can always feel free to ask for items without having to use up your requests.

    3. We're pretty active members but are also understanding when real life calls. You can opt out of the derby if you're busy. Our goal is to make first place every derby and continue on the streak. Communication is very important and we hope that our neighbors can feel free to chat and ask for help anytime. We consider the neighbors family and strive to make everyone's farms a successful one.

    Please join!! 😊😊😊
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