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Thread: Looking for a sister clan for CWL

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    Looking for a sister clan for CWL


    I used to be the leader of LightningSword (#GVOQQYC), a level 13 clan, but just recently stepped down due to real life responsibilities. The current leader is a long time member and has agreed to try to maintain and grow our clan, but he is also very busy with work and personal life. I created my clan in 2014, and most of us who remain in the clan today have been around for more than 3 or 4 years. Almost all of us are from the USA. Our clan war record is 275-137-2. We are in Crystal League I and just finished current season at #6. Most of us work full time and are not very active, but we love to do CWL. We just lost 4 active CWL players (1 TH12, 2 TH 11, 1 TH 10) prior to the start of this CWL season. That's why we didn't do very well this CWL season. We have 9 decent war attackers (7 TH 12, 1 TH 11, and 1 TH 10). We hope to find a sister clan in Crystal League 1 to do CWL in the future. I'm looking for dedicated leaders who need a high level feeder clan to recruit and train new members. You can join our clan as co-leader to manage recruitment and activity. When CWL starts, we can join your clan to do a 15-15 or 30-30 match up or start another CWL in our clan. Please contact me here in the forum or via Discord server ( to discuss details. Thank you for your time.
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