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Thread: What is Limits of particular building number

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    What is Limits of particular building number

    Max level (farm level not xp). My question is basically what is the max level in game like in COC there is a certain number of buildings you can have similarly what is threshold here and at what level the threshold is reached and tag me or tell me if possible what that number to all kind of buildings is? If you didn't get my question please tell.
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    Check the wikia, mostly you can have one building each, with rare exceptions like smelters for example.
    The Tea Stand unlocks at level 80. That is the highest level building.
    In Hay Day, by levelling up you are not better, stronger or cooler, you just unlock new stuff, so you have more to do and less free time on your hands.
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    Also, the more you use/run your production buildings they accrue hours towards mastery.
    For most production buildings that produce product:
    Mastery lvl 1 (1 star) = +% coins on truck orders
    Mastery lvl 2 (2 star) = +% XP on truck orders
    Mastery lvl 3 (3 star) = 15% time production reduction

    The numbers vary across the buildings. But clicking on the building and pressing the "i" button will give you more information.

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