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Thread: Builder Hall Rush

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    Builder Hall Rush

    Obviously I shouldn't rush my home base because it would then effect the availability of loot in my raids, but why should I not rush my builder hall? It would allow me to push go higher trophies and only get even more loot. I see no reason not to.

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    no one is stopping you i am rushing too

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    Try this thread in the builder hall subform, lots of good info
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    Rushing will not match you with lower bh

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    Buddy theres a builder base sub forum, if you search it then i believe Noctaire has made posts regarding builder base and rushing

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    Bh should be least in my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokoroxbr View Post
    Bh should be least in my opinion
    Not only in yours.
    BH is a rushing-zone. There is no advantage in maxing in the BH.

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    I wish I knew then what I know now. Builder hall is its own little beast. I found out that rushed builder hall 8s were given some sort of advantage to my builder hall 8 that was completely maxed 7 before I moved up.

    Just speculating here, but I think it is a crutch to ensure we dont see clouds like we do in the townhall side. But it was annoying to get beat by a rushed bh 8 with bh5 defenses to my maxed bh8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luicetarro View Post
    Not only in yours.
    BH is a rushing-zone. There is no advantage in maxing in the BH.
    Definitely it is. You want to get to highest offensive power possible, collect as much loot as possible as daily loot is limited and there is really no disadvantage in doing so! I had this guide back when it started

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    when reporting posts is it ok to report if in the wrong forum? there is a builder base subforum. but when i click on first post in thread to report, it says you may only report posts for very specific reasons, and wrong forum is not included in acceptable reasons to report....

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