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Thread: What's the best farming strategy for th7?

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    What's the best farming strategy for th7?

    As i said in the title I need a farming strategy for th7.

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    It depends on if you are a new TH7 or an established TH7.

    i always using giants and goblins and mostly goblins with a few archers for a new base either TH7 or TH11. Not sure it works at TH12.

    Barch is an option but I do much better with goblins. I drop trophies like it's a bottomless pit but I don't care. Forget trophies as long as the league your in has loot. Sometimes I get too low and have to use more expensive troops to move back up.

    End stage TH7, use dragons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silencer010 View Post
    As i said in the title I need a farming strategy for th7.
    BARCH until you have no use of elixir anymore and then after that mass dragon

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    I did Barch on my main and mini account and that seemed to work well.

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    With max army camps (200 space):

    93 Archers
    91 Barbarians
    8 Wallbreakers

    If you have these troops maxed (all level 4), the cost will be about 37,300 elixir. This is easily covered and then some if you’re hitting the right bases.

    You can get 1 star for sure, or 2 stars. 3 is possible as well. You don’t have to use your king if you don’t want to.

    Pretty much any troops in the clan castle.

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