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    Will you buy Research Potion?

    At Sneak Peek 1, the Research Potion was introduced which will speed up the Laboratory by 10◊ in 1 hour. And sold for 20 Medals. Will you buy a Research Potion in the League Shop?

    Speed ​​up 10 ◊ in 1 hour = reduce the duration of the upgrade for 9 hours. Sold for 20 Medals.
    Hammer of Fighting / Spell is sold at 120 Medals.
    Then 1 Hammer is worth 6 Research Potion (reduce the duration of the upgrade for 54 hours or 2 days 6 hours).
    Wouldn't it be better to buy a Hammer because it would immediately complete the upgrade and without cost? (Unless I am given free of charge from Season Challenge, Clan Games, and Events)

    I know the Magic Hammer will have cooldown for 7 days. But you might only be able to buy 2-3 Magic Hammer in 1 CWL. And there are 4 weeks in 1 month. So your League Medals won't stack.

    So, is the Research Potion worth the Magic Hammer?

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    I'll probably buy as many Research Potions as I have bought Builder Potions in the past.. Almost none.

    A Builder Potion affect 5 builders and carve 45 hours of Building time off of everything.. sometimes a good use of hammers.

    the Research Potion should be priced around 6 hammers to compare with the forthcomming price of Builder Potions, but they are slightly more expensive.. So, it's harder to decide if it's an advantage or not.

    I'll use them if I get them for free, though.. and I'm sure we will get some for free.

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    You can only get 2-3 hammers per month, depending on TH lvl lab upgrades take 10+days. So you could
    Use DE

    wait 7 days, but another hammer.

    Repeat process.

    I personally think research potion is only useful if its free. The time saved for 6 potions =/= time saved from resources used and the instant upgrade of a hammer. You had to farm those res which takes time. You still have to wait for it.

    I also think that it should boost more than 10◊. The builder potion saves a min of 18hrs for the 2 builders, and only increase the more builders you have. Whereas, the research can't go past 9 hrs saved.

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    I would be very likely to not buy those research potions. Unless that my other buildings and heroes have been maxed out, then I might consider.

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    Perhaps if I am ever full of loot and a potion will let me end an upgrade and spend loot on a new upgrade.

    in reality, probably in the same boat here as Affront, haven't used many builder potions, unlikely to use many research potions.

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    If itís free from event/clan games/season pass, Iíll take it. Iíd not buy it from league shop. 10 hours research potion is not a big difference to me. Maybe if they increased to 24 hours (1 day), then this potion will be useful.

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    If I get it from events or clan games, Iíll probably keep it for collection purposes, but wonít buy them.

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    Same guys ..simple maths

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    Not much of a user of potions myself but I can imagine some using it for upgrades near completion.

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    If I get it for free I'll gladly take it but I'd probably only get a research pot if it were 5 medals each.
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