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Thread: An auto refresh then three bricks were gone and not compensated.

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    Exclamation An auto refresh then three bricks were gone and not compensated.

    I have used ten gift cards to trade in a mystery package. The mystery package was delivered and it contained three bricks for town upgrade. But before I can do anything, an auto refresh had occurred and aforementioned three bricks were gone and still not compensated.

    So alert to all hay day players: somehow your previous gifts or tools may just vanished into thin air via an auto refresh.

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    Are you sure the package isn't still there to be reopened? I have frequent auto refreshes and I've never lost any items due to them. Either the task needs to be repeated or they are automatically put in the barn in my experience.
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    This happened to me once, a very long time ago, and support gave me back the gift certificates.
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