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Thread: The Dark Knights have arrived and we require new members to further our agenda

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    The Dark Knights have arrived! Clan tag #29LUYGRV9

    Hi, my name is Adam. I am 18 years old and Just recently formed a clan. We're beginner friendly so lower town hall players don't hesitate to join up and ask plenty of questions! I am a fresh new town hall 10. And have been a free to play plaher since the game released. I can teach newer players how to attack and organize there base better. And if more experienced players wanna join and teach thats fine too! Any requested troop should be donated ESPECIALLY during war. We will participate in 1-2 wars ever week. Elder ship is earned through donating frequently at least 200-250. Co leader is earned through trust, loyalty and passing a couple tests and tasks. We will have friendly tournaments Later on withofwhich the grand prize will be a google play prepaid card ranging from 5-10 dollars! So come on and join us so we can conquer, farm, and trophy push! If you have Any questions just ask me ☺
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