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Thread: best cwl yet

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    best cwl yet

    6 stars (243-237) separate 1st from 5th with 6 hours left in round 6. 2-5 all have 1 to 3 attacks left. Round 7: 1 takes on 3 and 4 takes on 5. Maybe a glimpse of what the lower (Gold 1) cwl's are going to look like once clans settle into the proper leagues.

    Of course, I could also talk about how "unfair" the match ups are. One of the top five clans has 5 th12's. Another has 1 th11, 7 th10, 7 th9's but appear to be very organized, good at attacking up for 2 stars, and make sound strategic decisions. 7th and 8th place both have near max defense th12's on top with the usual rushed mess beneath them, but aren't filling cc's and one stopped attacking.

    If given a "do over" on our 3rd and 4th rounds we would have at least a 20 star lead instead of 6, but if we can get 40 today we should be able to pull it off. It will be a fun afternoon no matter what.
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    Success is measured in fine margins sometimes mate.
    And a few tweaks and reruns would help loads.

    For me, if I could get some sleep before attacking, we would be pushing 3rd, instead of looking like tailing off into 5th come end of the week.
    As it is, I set off for work 7:30 pm last night, did a 12 hour shift, walked from work to mothers for an hour or so, then home to start 10 raids. It is now almost 1:30pm and I still have 2 to do before the round ends.

    Good luck in keeping that 1st place SSeleiulc

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