So, the BB is not completely dead, & it will be hyped very soon after you (SC) all introduce BH.9 in the near future days.
So, we've Clash live-streams of ESL qualifiers of the CWL World-Championship & other in-game Clash events. So, why can't we've a low-budget BB stream, atleast one in a month or two. And, low-budget 'cause we'll know that you don't want to invest much on BB 'cause not that many players play BB than who they play main village. So, please do something other than just bringing new BH levels for the BB lovers as though the BB lovers are less than then main-village lovers in number but this number is not zero, but it'll tend to zero if a little focus is not laid on the BB events, streams etc.
Also, I'm not able to find the live-stream of BH.9 tournament on YT. If anyone(if any such stream there was done, IDK,l 'cause it's generally done after any new BH. level is inteoduced) has it's link please attach it with your valuable replies.