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Thread: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Multiple Farms?

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    The Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Multiple Farms?

    After Supercell ID was made available for us in HD, I created a second farm in April 2018. Here are the benefits and drawbacks I've experienced during this journey. What are yours?


    * Extra Dairy to alleviate one of the choke points in the game.
    * Second farm is a bolt and wood panel farm which my main farm is not.
    * Selling excess BEMs, SEMs, LEMs unadvertised. And the thrill of competing with my hoodmates, followers, and TOS-
    breaking players to see who will buy them first. Occasionally, I spiced up the thrill by selling them for 1 coin.
    * Playing the title character in Shakespeare's play Henry V by walking among my hoodmates in disguise. "We few, we happy few..."


    * Less time to play other Supercell games.
    * Less time to forum.
    * Less time to read books.

    June 7, 2019
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    Second farm advantages?

    goat cheese, cheesecakes, sauces, fish, lobsters and extra town visitors


    doing double time derby

    edit: I would like to add that knowing what I do know, I like not having the candy machine, not having all smelters and not chopping down everything.

    a second farm gives you a chance to do things differently and makes for a new experience
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    The biggest drawback for me is time. It just takes a lot of time to manage multiple farms, and I find I have less and less time available to me....

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    my support farms are all opted-out of derby, but actively support me with dairy, sugar, bakery, sauces, jams, cakes, pies, bars, jewelry, barn and silo storage, and most importantly with townies. I don't play them much except loading production units and collecting food or releasing townies.
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    It's convenient to play the game from a low level perspective sometimes.

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    I use my baby farm as a storage facility and to help with milk, cheese, sugar, fabric and bread production. Its only lvl 28 and I started it at the same time I started my lvl 90 farm. So you can tell I don't do much in terms of trying to advance my baby.

    As much as it would be nice to have supplements of more higher lvl products the amount of work it would take is not worth it for me. I enjoy putting my all into my main farm and to try to do that for more than one would probably cause a burnout.

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    I started my second farm as support for my first. But found I really enjoyed playing more than one farm. So I started my third farm for support for the other two.
    It is great starting from scratch AND having a "big sister" to help out when you get close to expanding.
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    I have six farms. Am i then off-topic?
    Seriously, i like multiple farms because i am never "done", never bored. No drawbacks. I ignored some of them for months (Real Life happened) , nothing wrong, really.
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    I have 2 farms which I play totally separate and independent of one another. My original farm started on my computer which I couldnít transport. When I came out of the Stone Age and got my first smart phone, I started my second farm just to have something to do in the car while I traveled. Because I play competitively in both hoods, I donít think itís fair to either to share resources across farms, so I have never done that. To answer the question...advantage, double the fun, disadvantages sometimes stressful to double derby, increased demand on my time. P.S. Iíve continued to evolve on the technology timeline and no longer play on a computer. I now can travel also with my iPad!
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