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Thread: Tips to build a good Anti-3 star TH9 base

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    Tips to build a good Anti-3 star TH9 base

    Here are some of my tips to build a good anti 3 star base for th9:

    -Make sure all wizard towers are not in range of an air defense. That way, for LaLoon attacks, the wizard tower does NOT focus on the hound, but on the balloons
    -Put air bombs near wizard towers for splash damage, and put seeking air mines by air defenses
    -Make sure the queen is centered
    -Make sure the cc is centered
    -Put town hall to the side, don't be afraid to give up the two star
    -Put king a little off to the side. For KS GoHo attacks, they will attack from the king-side to eliminate the king and go for the queen. Then, put some giant bombs and all spring traps on the opposite side where the hogs will be deployed
    -Put spring traps in-between one tile spaces of defenses
    -Put giant bombs in between two tile spaces of defenses
    -Preferably, have a double giant bomb located somewhere
    -Always have tons of space between each building, to confuse the attacker and make them guess where the traps and teslas are
    -Use small bombs on the outside of the base, to predict where wall breakers will go (they are useless for anything else to be honest)
    -[Optional] Use mortars on the outside to redirect troops like giants (mortars aren't that good anyway)

    I have applied all these tips to building my base, and it has yet to be three starred in over 10+ wars. Th9s with maxed troops (for th9) haven't three starred it, and I don't even have maxed defenses yet.

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    I like the sound knowledgeable.
    You should look at joining the base building server on discord & help folks there also. (Thats the server link)

    They help critique th9s - 12s & try to get everybody to become pro base builders.

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    Nice tips! I just upgraded to th9 a couple of days ago. Can you share a picture of your base?

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