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Thread: [FEPA/FESG event] Forum Cwl round 10 (July)

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    [FEPA/FESG event] Forum Cwl round 10 (July)

    A bit early I know, but if I don't do it today, it'll be too late.

    Just the one clan hosting this time, a mixed/combined event in forum fleapit (unless we have a surprisingly high number of killer 12s signing up and Tull changes his mind)

    Currently have a th10-low th12 line up there, in crystal 1, mainly 10s and 11s. Can look at using an unseeded or lower ranked clan instead if th9s or lower are interested in signing up. Happy to take any refugees from the hardcore (if this resulted in promotion to a league unsuitable for the mixed, again we can look at changing clans the following month). Depending on numbers will be either a 15v15 or 30v30.

    Cwl will be in the spirit of the usual mixed, fairly laid back and strategy free. Just be friendly, enjoy it, and make your attack(s) at your convenience.

    Please sign up below, ign, th level, heroes etc, not that we're too fussy, it just helps if we end up splitting into two clans after all.

    Spin will be as soon after cwl signing in starts as we can, so please be in clan for then, then it frees everyone up to hop out for war attacks, donation runs etc.

    Hope to see lots of you there.
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    Reserved for sign ups

    1. COCTheBlackPearl - Piggie - Th12
    2. Sowad - Sowad - Th10
    3. Nuitari - Nui the younger - Th10
    4. Warios - Norias - Th10
    6. Call me H - St Harry - Th11 or 12 ? (tbc, currently reserve)
    7. Wawa03 - Wawa - Th11 (can be in with one or both accounts)
    8. Wawa03 - Zaza Th12 (as above)
    9. Domz69 - George or Elaine - Th11 or 12
    11. LordSK - LordSK - Th12
    12. JackPearl - Jack - Th12
    13. Chiewping - CCP - Th12
    14. ASnegi - I'mbadassash - Th10
    15. Tull Sadum - Tull Sadum - Th12
    16. pcannon - Peggy Sue - near max th9 (tbc, currently reserve)
    17. MasterEdy - th10
    18. Axsman - 2 th12 (and a th9 if needed)
    19. Crash321 - Th11 or 9*
    20. RisingSerpent6435 - Detonator - th12*
    21. Ultron3893 - Ultron - th11*
    22. Deadnettle - Gobbolino - th12 (reserve if needed for a 30v30, but would prefer to remain on bench if not needed)
    23. Deadnettle - Gnasher - th11 (reserve if needed for a 30v30, as gobbo)
    24. Dracik17 - Lil Dragon - th10
    25. Asnegi - Falcorax (confirmed for 30, should be no. 15, but I can't face changing all the numbers)
    26. Dreza - th9 (reserve if needed for a 30)
    27. Ryan0412 - th12*
    28. Piggiepal #1
    29. Piggie pal #2
    30. Piggie pal #3
    31. Meonhoc - th10
    32. Jannes - minime - th10

    * did not arrive
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    Yea! I'm in. First to respond. 😜

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    Please sign up my Town Hall 10 for the mixed CWL.

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    Nui the younger/th10 for mixed cwl.

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    My th10 in again
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    My th12 is in. Will try working the 11 but its low, so will see if it is useful

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    All sign uos so far added, thanks everyone. Keep them coming, maybe we'll be able to make up a 30 v30.

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    I can be in but depends if i can get my th upgrading to 12 on St Harry V2.1 by then.. so can i go on the reserve list atm.. thanks

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    I'm in as usual with zaza and wawa. If there is space for both. Fine if only room for one depending on how sign-ups go.

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