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Thread: TH8 looking for adult war and donation clan

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    TH8 looking for adult war and donation clan

    #YGV0LRYG2 TH8 looking for proper adult war and donation clan.Clan should always take part in CWL and Clan games My first preference would go to US based clan. Will always attack in war donate and speak English mostly

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    Hey man, Fear Nothin' is looking for members and we're around your level. So if you're interested you're welcome with us mate. We're an English speaking clan, which is trying to build.

    Anyways see ya later, kind regards.

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    J&G WAR LORDS is a war causal clan. You don't have to war if you don't want to just go red we allow farming also . We are currently looking for solid clan mates to help us grow and win clan wars . We have all max level troops and we have max level siege machines .We always complete clan games . All players participate in CWL .
    What we need from you

    1. Someone who can be coached and is willing to coach others
    2. Someone who understands how to properly attack in wars
    3. Someone who can donate to th’s ranked lower than themselves
    4. Fun / respectable person

    If you would like to join us search J&G WAR LORDS type “ Bigbossjee sent me “in request and you will be accepted . clan tag #290QJCJLU

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    Level 13 Clan

    We are an old level 13 clan in the process of rebuilding, or core is pretty strong. Looking for active players,+18. We have the basic rules most war clans have:
    -must use both attacks
    -follow notes during war
    -must be on discord
    -not really worried about donations, not a real problem in the clan
    -we participate in Clan games and CWL

    Check us out at #9P9QQCOC


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