Here's a sneak peek from the Hay Day YouTuber Event held in Helsinki Finland in May 2019! They all got to visit a farm, where they participated in some really aMOOzing activities... Keep your eyes and ears open for the full videos from the event #helsinkiseven

A group photo next to the roadside shop: (from left to right) R3DKNIGHT, "Mary", GizmoSpike, SyromerB, Phoebe, "Mike", Nighthawk1973, SuperSight and Kamikaze Ente!

SyromerB, "Mike" and Kamikaze Ente looking sharp!

SyrimerB, R3DKNIGHT, "Mike" and SuperSight buying items from the RSS. SyromerB was kind and didn't ask for lots of coins for the items!

In the front, Phoebe who was lucky and got two apples! In the back SyromerB, R3DKNIGHT and Nighthawk1973 still doing business!

Lunch with Hay Say's game designer Camilla and Community Managers!

The sheep on the loose. Completely forgot the name of it.. During the day the sheep actually escaped from the pen dozens of times.

SyromerB, Phoebe and Nighthawk1973 petting the sheep. What cuddly and fluffy animals they really are!

R3DKNIGHT taking a photo of Nighthawk1973 in front of the real-life size replica truck from Hay Day!

SyromerB, R3DKNIGHT, Phoebe and GizmoSpike looking at the lovely flowers (a replica of the deco in the game) while NightHawk1973 is relaxing on the trailer of the truck!

Another lovely group photo: Phoebe, Kamikaze Ente, "Mike", "Mary", R3DKNIGHT, GizmoSpike, SyromerB, Nighthawk1973 and SuperSight!

Stay tune for more to come!