We are not looking for any special type of TH level but somewhere around 8-12.

We are looking for friendly, active and players with the interest of building
a great clan.

We welcome newer players wanting to improve their war skills, contribute to clan games or experienced players wanting a supportive group and home!

Clan Tag: #28J0PVV2L
Clan Name: 2700
Clan Level: 3
Clan War League: Silver League III
Clan Location: Mostly from Denmark
Clan Members: TH 7 to TH 10
War Frequency: Three times a Week.

Age Requirement: Any age is welcome, but we don't want any immature players. You will be removed if you are acting overly immature in chat or in wars.

Be Active: We want an active clan. We are looking for members who are active in donations, war (unless upgrading heroes) and clan games. We remove inactive members at the end of each season!

What can I donate?
Max level troops are required for War requests.
Otherwise, you may donate any level troops for farming/raiding requests. This gives our lower level players the opportunity to donate and meet the donation requirements.

War Rules:
We war three times per week. However, they are completely optional. Anyone is welcome to participate.

  • Use both attacks in war. You will be removed from war or booted from clan for repeatedly not using both attacks in war.

  • Learn from mistakes. We will never kick someone out for failing a war attack. We want you to learn from your mistakes, ask questions, try new attacks, etc…
    • We will be glad to help you improve but we expect you to put in the effort.

Requirements Recap:

*Age: Any
*Be Active: Chat, donate, war...
*Wars are optional but you must follow the war plan and use both attacks if you are in war.
*Clan Games are optional but encouraged. We want to see more than minimum participation to get rewards.
*English only in chat.