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Thread: Blossom derby ..... progress bar?

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    Blossom derby ..... progress bar?

    A progress bar on blossom tasks would be a great help, it would enable players waiting for task to see how quickly the task currently being done may be available.

    I am currently on a fishing task, Iím on 44/110 ...... it would be helpful to my neighbours if they could see this figure.

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    in my head...
    I agree and just saw a similar suggestion on this thread:

    but you would have a better chance of getting this in the game if you post in the ideas and feature request sub-forum.

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    I am just going to have to say YES.
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    Wonderful idea. Many times we have to ask or try to get players in the large hood to post notice when they are about done with their task so that it can be handed off more efficiently. Also it would see if someone took the task and is just sitting on it , not playing it all leaving others waiting indefinitely. Some our players do not hardly use chat even though we urge it.

    Additionally I would like to see a counter on blossom tasks to know how many times it has been taken. Once it reaches 400 pt level it becomes unknown. This be very helpful for a large team as I am currently in. No point in letting it just sit there if most everyone has played it. Trash and get a fresh one.

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    I think it would be awesome to have a counter on each blossom task so we can know if everyone has done the task before we delete it. Please

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