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    First of all frogs why?
    When someone buys an toolbox with bought diamond dont give them coins way to low amount shoul be tripple that
    More explaining witch levell you must be to get booster xp
    Level or xp you need is also way much until level 40 50 shouldnt be so hard
    Marketboxes offer non facebook user more options
    Tom should nap for 2 hours or use an energy bottle like juices if they have otherwise lower the time

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    in my head...
    1. The frogs aren't hurting anyone so I rather the game programers not waste anytime dealing with them
    2. The boxes are random (get what you get don't throw a fit) but I'm sure the game creators feel the given coin amount reflects the value of the diamonds. But my advice is just don't buy 'em.
    3. I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?
    4. That way you have something to work towards. It keeps you playing the game if its too easy you'll speed through and be bored instead of having new products to look forward to. Personally back when I was a baby farm I could level up every 2 weeks now its more like every month if I work at it. It gets harder
    5. The non-facebook option is diamonds. The reason why they are given free for facebook users is because its a recruiting tactic the more game-players the more diamonds bought.
    6. Tom's nap time won't change. But your energy drink is interesting. Would it be made in a machine or bought with diamonds?

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    1- The frogs are fine.
    2- It is rare that the tool boxes offer up anything that is really worth diamonds. So don't open them.
    3- ?????
    4- I disagree. You need time between levels so that you can earn enough coins to buy the machines for each level.
    5- What options are you looking for? Do you want to earn them as a leveling up prize? Buy them with coins? Win them on the Wheel? Earn them in a global event? I really don't understand.
    6- Many games have this sort of helper. EVERY ONE of them has a two to four hour wait between uses. EVERY one of them requires you to purchase with diamonds. But not in ANY of them are you required to use the helper. If you choose to purchase Tom, instead of focusing on the time you can't use him, figure out how much time he is saving you by fetching products.
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