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Thread: Picking up Town Visitors from In Game Friends As Well

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    Picking up Town Visitors from In Game Friends As Well

    Hello to the Entire team of Hay Day! I have a suggestion which I wanted to share with the HD team. As of now the town visitors can be picked up only from the neighbours of the hood. Can we look at a possibility of picking up town visitors from the In game friends as well? For example my neighborhood is a quite one and people here are mostly inactive so I donít get to pickup visitors from the neighbors. Since Iam quite happy here I donít want to join a new hood, so sharing of visitors across Ingame friends will help people like us. Thank you!

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    I think that this would be unpopular because your in game friends might be in neighbourhoods that are active and would want to keep their townies for their neighbours.
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    I would also like to see this option available. Maybe a separate train that once you have initial train to full capacity you can initiate.

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    If there was an opt out. I personally would NOT want people to pluck my visitors on my main farm. But I would be ok with it on my lower level farm, because there are only two of us who have towns.
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    i think the original idea was to create a unique "neighbourhood advantage", something you get only if you join an NH. They have since added donations, so it's not the only advantage anymore. There's also a hidden pressure to be more active, bcoz you indirectly disadvantage your NH if your town constantly has no pickups. Adding another source of pickups removes that pressure.
    Something like this would also make solo NHs far more viable... not something they want, i suspect.

    i don't see the designers reversing the NH emphasis, so i doubt it'll happen.

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