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Thread: wouldn’t it be great -for fun only

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    Liking the chat. Thank you Haydaybigfan - I knew about the bit that tells you what is on the next boat. I just forget the boats themselves so they set off during the night and arrive as soon as I log onto Hayday but meantime I have loaded the required machines with products for the town. Never mind it was only to get another jigsaw bit and they will arrive eventually.
    Love the creepy frog Hayfield story, I just pop a pond over mine and they all disappear.

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    in my head...
    Ha! This would never happen in a million years but wouldn't be fun if we could do tasks at the same time. Sitting here nursing a crop task when I really want to pick up a truck one in the mean time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRhube-Meister View Post
    I wish i could look at what tasks my hoodies completed after they have finished. That way i have a better sense of what the board is spawning and what people like taking.
    This would be so helpful, especially during blossom derby!
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    Jackpot coins on the wheel: I wish the amount was switched between my main farm and my baby farm. One of them needs FAR more coins than the other does.

    For the record, my large crowds of frogs seem to have stopped jumping at the same time.... for now.
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    Woukdnt it be fun if SC got in with the sneak peeks

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    Definitely need sneak peaks soon.

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