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Thread: Blossom Derby double penalizes smaller hoods

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    Blossom Derby double penalizes smaller hoods

    I understand that larger hoods get extra bonus points for each addition player opted in to derby. This is a handicap to smaller hoods trying to rise on the leaderboard and is accepted. However, the blossom derby creates an even larger handicap on top of the hood size bonus in that the average score per player is much less due to not as many 400 level tasks to offset the ten 320, 350 and 375 level tasks in the mix. Our hood lost about 23 places on the leaderboard (we were in top 100) solely because of this during the last blossom derby, and now here is another just after we have recovered. I wonder if there is a way to make blossom scoring more fair for ALL

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    I wanted to ask SC if there was a way to make it more fun for Solo players, but given I play Solo, undoubtedly play way more than they do and couldn’t think of how to do it, I decided it was pointless asking. So, for me it’s just a regular Derby, with the downside of fewer other 320 tasks (I’m not sure why that happens, but it does every time).

    Thankfully I’m not interested in where I am on the Leaderboard so I hadn’t even considered that aspect, it must be REALLY frustrating for you & others that do care.

    I would suggest trying to figure out how it could be made more fair and then asking if they could do that. I honestly don’t think they’ve got the time, energy or inclination to work things like this out, but that they might consider them if handed a solution to a problem.

    Good Luck.

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