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    Normally it is explicitly stated but it's safe to assume the new potion can be used on both bases, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moles View Post
    Extremely disappointed to see builder potions cost 30 medals now, and the research potion is probably going to be the least used for me as it is only working on 1 building that has an abundance of 14 day upgrades.
    The lab is the thing that takes the longest for most players, though, so those who are interested in maxing out quickly may make use of the research potion.

    Quote Originally Posted by GodlyMortal View Post
    You can now no longer pop down multiple hero upgrades after CWL. Hero upgrades are a pain because war attacks and farming attacks are significantly hindered without them.
    Yes, I know, that was my point in the post you replied to. SC likely doesn’t want max players like myself to hoard 2500 medals and full hammers and then so quickly get through new content when it is added, such as th13.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTech View Post
    Ridiculous that you are punishing those of us that have been saving medals for just the right time. For most people it’s a non factor. Most people spend their medals. Most people don’t earn enough in a single league season to even buy 2 hammers of heros. It’s like once a month that we even earn medals so time wise it’s not like we’re buying hammers every day or every week. So unless there’s more information to this update that would lead to this making more sense. All your really doing is irking a large amount of your customers over something that will only affect a small amount of your customers. Restricting the way they choose to progress and play the game. Hammers are a reward, they are hard to come by and limited in achievable amount per month. Please don’t penalize those of us who have the patience to use them at our time of choosing.
    It might not really be a punishment if if leads to more long term enjoyment. Being maxed out is boring. Having a reason to raid, steal loot and upgrade is more fun. I personally think progression has been made too fast/easy overall and it is much worse for max players that hoarded medals and hammers waiting for th13 (including me).
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosti111 View Post
    You still get the full benefit. The hammer allows you to upgrade a hero without any down time. You can still do that 100%. i know what people INTENDED to save them for which is entirely different than the function they were created for.
    You don't get the full benefit though. Currently the full benefit is you can use as many as you like as quickly as you like with no cooldown, that's the function they were created for (it would be a completely different animal if they were created with a cooldown to begin with). Adding a lengthy cooldown to anything isn't the same value/function benefit as the same item without a cooldown. Whether an item has a cooldown is directly part of the benefit of an item. Time is the most valuable thing in the game, the benefits of the time matter (I won't even argue that this isn't a good overall impact to the game because it slows that current-max to future-max progression a bit...but it's certainly not the same benefit given that the most valuable thing in the game is time to begin with).

    And you certainly don't get the full benefit of 15 CWL medals for a builder potion, there's no way to argue that hasn't been slashed in half by doubling the price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    CWL update hits:

    “You get to compete in 7 wars once a month for awesome rewards in form of hammers, that you can spend on upgrading whatever you want cost-free and instantly !!!”

    2019 June update:

    “But only once per week...”

    Sorry, couldn’t help it...

    hahaha that was funny....but i understand why the cooldown. Because would be really fast to upgrade and max things. But i think a 7 day cooldown is too much. Maybe a 3 day cool?
    TH12: maxed

    BB 8: maxed

    ​Waiting for new updates

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    Yeah but we already know most of things what are coming. Kindly release all that in one sneek peek 😁
    Thank you.
    Edit : 30 medals for a builder potion o_0 i hate this
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    Just a simple question for SC - Did they considered lower level Th's 9-11 like me who were stacking those medals to get a good headstart after upgrading to next level.

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    This is horrible, i been saving my medals all this time for th11. Plan was to upgrade my AQ to 50 ASAP, i love war, so need her available.
    this cool down is bad news all around. any idea when this horrible update is going to drop, so i can pull the trigger on the townhall upgrade before then, would it be end of June? Mid June, please give us a rough idea, ball park.

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    The cooldown on hammers is stupid😭😭😭

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post

    Yes, I know, that was my point in the post you replied to. SC likely doesn’t want max players like myself to hoard 2500 medals and full hammers and then so quickly get through new content when it is added, such as th13.
    That's why I think it's a worse look if people say "SC always intended to do something like this". There's little to no reason for anyone who isn't a max or near-max player to hoard 2500 medals in the first place other than to slam through new content like TH13. It's a much better look if you believe it's more like "ummm we didn't really think it through that well to begin with, now we're fixing a mistake we made" than if you think it's "we knew we were going to encourage max players to save up and then slash the benefit of what they'd saved".

    I'd MUCH rather think SC just did a poor job of planning this out well than think they knew they were going to have people hoard medals just to slash their value later on intentionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    I certainly understand this change isnít that popular but also understand the reasoning why it was needed and funnily enough youíve also described one of those reasons.

    Its not the intention for (near) maxed players to instantly hammer their way through an update only to twiddle their thumbs again and ask for a new update which is then months and many more free medals away.

    That being said, those numbers are a bit exaggerated. Usually when new hero levels are introduced itís not just 1 hero that gets all the levels but usually spread over more then one hero. Using your number of 16 hero levels it could be as short as 2 months if you keep 2 heroes down constantly (instead of 4). And the slower you take it the more chance you have to pick up a few free books of heroes here and there. Plus you still could buy a couple of hammers in those weeks shaving even more time off that.
    No my math is 100% correct. You are simply conflating two different issues. Because after I hypothetically hammer the first 16 levels instantly I could have still worked on the remaining levels.
    SC can obviously do whatever they want but this is obviously a money driven decision to get maxed players to spend more on new content. I understand the business reasons behind it but is business driven for sure.
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