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    And there it goes

    Finally something I love is added
    But sad for the Cool down as I was just moving to 11
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    Nice to know a cooldown is being implemented which only functions to slow down people’s progress when it was fine before. Now if they implement more hero levels F2Ps have to wait a week before another hero hammer when the entire point of the hammer is to reduce the time it takes.

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    well its actually a bad news sneak peak... lets hope the next sneak peak will be good one and will let us forget this

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRvN View Post
    well its actually a bad news sneak peak... lets hope the next sneak peak will be good one and will let us forget this
    the big ones usualy comes at last.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    I like the research potion, makes sense to have it. The hammer cool down most likely is to stop instant th13 upgrade
    i have stored 1 of each.😉
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    Excited about the research potion for sure, and the fact that training potions will be in the league shop. Not happy about builder potions costing more and cooldown on hammers though

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    Kinda nerfing hammers, nerfing 'medals' builder potion. Hence nerfing to the speed of medals upgrading.
    In addition it's nice to see lab potion.
    My plan to max heroes ASAP with medals went wrong .

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    Feeling bad about hammer cool down like shield ☹️☹️

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    Builder potions now 30 Medals? Seriously? Thumbs down.
    Cricket World Cup 2019 discussion thread!<^_^>

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    17 builder potions allows you to upgrade 3 heroes at the same time. a lot of de but with gold pass there are de bonuses and a rune of de.
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    So now where are all those people who said it is not required? I guess SC is just stupid right?

    PS: really glad to see it happening, even I have asked it for many times. Thank you SC.
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