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Thread: Scrolls/tickets/permits

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    Not many ways to get scrolls/tickets/permits. Can you add scrolls/tickets/permits to the movie ticket that we receive daily? Just a thought.

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    Welcome to forum. The movie tickets are a daily reward thing. At lower levels you have to watch a trailer advertisement to get the reward. After reaching some level, you get only two movie tickets daily along with two instant rewards, no ads.
    I don't think the land expansion permits will ever appear there. Those special permits are somewhat a long-term game goal that is slowly accumulated over time by playing the game. They do come and by surprisingly ways.

    One of the requirements of this game is patience. To come to terms with that makes the game more fun.
    I myself just ignore how many permits I have or need. After a few weeks of playing, I might check to see what I got.

    Where you get them are rarely in mystery boxes. Sometimes a spin the wheel event comes along to possibly get a permit.
    More often they come in derby horseshoe rewards. You can also select and shuffle the rewards shown in effort to get an extra permit.

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