I've started a new account of Clash of Clans and I thought why shouldn't I make a clan. So I've created

It's my second account so I have some experience in all domains. Feel free to chat and ask questions
Now I am TH6 almost maxed out and soon TH7, so for now anyone is free to join. #JGU20L9L if you want to look
The name is inspired from Mortal Kombat and I hope we can make a big family just like them.

Here some clan rules:
■ We welcome all town hall levels (rushed are welcome if they want to repair themselves)
■ English speaking only.
■ Donate what is requested.
■ Have respect for each other, we are in this together, not against each other


■ When we will be more players will do wars
■ Opt out when needed, while upgrading spell factory/ heroes or anything that you need to attack in wars.

■ We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so let us know when you can't participate in wars.
■ Try to use both attacks in wars and don't be ashamed if you failed your attacks, we all learn

What we can offer you:
■ Guidance and help from experienced players
■ We would try to donate you troops as much as we can
■ I will try to be active, so stick around and don't leave if I am not active