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Thread: Weaknesses of this base?

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    Smile Weaknesses of this base?

    Hey guys! I am TH10,(I've got many IDs) and encounter these types of bases very often. Don't take it like I am asking a 3 star strategy on this enemy base, I just want to know some weaknesses as I am encountering these bases often and it will help me further. I have maxed my offense out, so I can go with most army types.
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    Picture doesn’t work, at least on mobile.

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    Dear Harry130 this is an old picture as first of all the cc has the storages on top of it. There are two giant bombs together on the right hand side which can easily shut down by a heal spell so you should separate those and apart from that I could not see any major problems with the base.

    I hope this was useful and keep clashing

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    Solid base. The double bombs are for anti hog. The best troop comp to hit that base is valk hog....good thing not too many people can use valks effectively.

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    Can’t see the base sadly 😅

    If you’re looking for ways to improve base building though join (it’s a base building server & they give out really good tips & help everybody out) This is a th10 server & you may be interested in this also. They help review bases, plan attacks & we are doing our first war in July. Should be tons of fun if you’re interested.

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