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Thread: What good are land exp items when there's no scrolls?

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    I did the truck LEM event. I still have 2 non-deco plots to open so I can use them even without scrolls. My next scroll plot is my favorite—the one with the tree swing. It takes 15 scrolls and I have 5 thanks to the last scroll event. I very seldom opt in for the Derby, so I have plenty of time to collect LEMs. There have been a couple of things in the past that effectually broke my spirit for the deco plots. The scarcity of scrolls is one. Another is the difficulty of making certain you are actually opening the plot you think you are. (For an example of that, just try to “catch” the plot with the bonsai pine tree in it. It takes only 33 LEMs but with all the trees from neighboring plots covering it, 9 times out of 10, you’ll find yourself in another plot.)

    As far as this week’s 2XP events, they could have done something other than back-to-back barn-emptying trucks and boats. Good luck keeping stock even with Tom’s help. I agree with Aardvark that it feels like lazy programming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by themammabear View Post
    Iím getting one scroll this week. I needed two to open my next spot so Iím a little disappointed but...oh well, Iíll just take what I get and farm on!
    I feel this way about the gnomes too....
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    IMHO, it would be better to have a more variety of events weekly instead of these boat, truck, XP, voucher event floods. Farmers also need time to produce foods

    Maybe someone can explain where all the foods come from to do all these food consuming events
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    I think it would be awesome if they would have a permit/ scroll event on the boats like the puzzle pieces. I did get a scroll 1 time in a safe/toolbox without using diamonds. I about fainted!😁

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    Scroll events on the boats, trucks and or town... Now THAT would be awesome and alleviate expansion stress and over- crowding barn dilemmas. At least for me. I know everyone has different priorities. 😋

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