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Thread: I'm looking for a clan for cwl

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    Talking I'm looking for a clan for cwl

    I'm a townhall 9, I went up to th9 a bit early because the pass ended. Therefore I wanted to spend that 25m gold and elixir that I got on my walls. I'm not a rusher, I just made an efficient choice to spend my money better. Considder me a starting th9.
    I'm looking for a clan where I can join cwl. I don't mind if it's a clan where bad people join as well. I'm tired of clans that say I can join, and tell me last minute that "I'm on the roster as a reserve".
    The clan I was with up untill today told me for weeks that I could join in cwl. Today everyone suddenly abandoned ship, and said they were joining cwl in better clans.

    Let me know if you have a clan where I can participate in the cwl. (Not just be in reserve!)
    I also speak dutch / ik spreek ook nederlands.

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    Everyone is welcome to participate in cwl.

    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Vibes Lvl 14- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    Hey ChaseLayla,
    It sounds great, I'd love to join. However I've tried every way you mentioned, and everyone is ignoring me.
    I've sent a discord friend request, but there's no answer. I've also sent a friend-request to ALL the co-leaders and the leader called 'massivedamage'. They all denied the friend request. I can't join on my own since there's a minumum of 2200 trophies set.

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    Crystal II CWL

    We're looking for one or two more before we spin. I can put you in the lineup all 7 days so long as you get your attacks in.

    Drop a join request in game. Say Oz invited you from the forums.

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    Fable Warriors | Recruiting | War,CWL,CC | LVL 6 | TH7+
    Fable Warriors - #LUYVVC29

    "Mon the crabs"

    ⁃ Always active and always donate.
    ⁃ See my #2J2CJU2C if you want to see how much I have in total donations.
    ⁃ Semper activae et semper conferre.

    About Us

    Welcome to the ĎFable Warriorsí recruitment forum.
    we started back in 2016, it started of as just me and a couple of my close mates but we expanded over the time, so itís always a good laugh and good fun for all who come and stay.
    ⁃ We like to war, we normally aim for every second day, we understand if you donít want to or need to sit out for some.
    ⁃ We like to do CWL, this will be our 4th we are currently in Gold III as we need a couple more higher town hall levels to get that promotion.
    We try to max clan games each time, more members means it will get done quicker 💪
    ⁃ We always donate.
    ⁃ Always help each other and have fun.

    What the players are like here?

    We have players ranging from newer players to experienced players so you will always fit in, we are currently looking for a bit more experienced players as it stands though.


    ⁃ Level ANY
    ⁃ 18+
    ⁃ Troops a minimum of the TH lower then your own (this gives a chance to those who have just upgraded)
    ⁃ Donations 1/3 ratio (we like you to donate but we also understand itís easier to receive troops so we are lenient)
    ⁃ Town hall quality - we are looking for none rushed members currently

    How to Apply

    1. PM me here and we can chat
    2. Apply in-game say ďcame from forumsĒ we will accept and have a chat
    3. Simply reply to this thread with the filled in application forum below

    Application Form

    In Game Name (with #):
    Clan(If Currently In One + #):
    Applying To: Fable Warriors #LUYVVC29
    Donation Count (Friend in Need):
    Town Hall level:
    War status:


    How is it earned?
    ⁃ High donations per season
    ⁃ Loyalty (at least one month before review)
    ⁃ Active
    ⁃ By helping others in the clan
    ⁃ Always participating in events (War both-attacks, Clan games-maxed, CWL)

    ⁃ Donít be an *** to anyone
    ⁃ Donate according to request
    ⁃ 1/3 donation ratio
    ⁃ Use both attacks in war(If in war)
    ⁃ Have fun

    ⁃ No events outside of CWL, Wars and CCs planned, this is something we intend to try in the future can talk about it

    A list of the Leaders and Elders

    Leader: #2J2CJU2C xClarky♥️
    Co leader: #8RVRCG09C LT Douglas
    Co leader: #9CVJYJCR ~ xConnor ~
    Elder: #LJJUYGYC Bad Time...
    Elder: #YJ2R80UU8 sgt shaw
    Elder: #8VLJQ8LL awesome jeff
    Elder: #PLYRCCQ Nathan
    Elder: #2VL8Q8LL essle
    Elder: #8JGU2P209 Baby Clarky

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    Cool Starting CWL Today! Great Time to Join!

    Starting CWL Today! Great Time to Join!

    [Recruiting] | Mutant X | War Clan | Level 6 | TH9+ | War, CWL, Games

    Mutant X ó War Clan 💪🦹🤜

    Who we are:

    1. We war 3 times per week (M,W,F @ 4pm PDT).
    2. We are organized, take war seriously, and try to win as much as possible.
    3. We focus more on effort, teachability, and learning, than on actual war outcomes.
    4. We communicate on Discord (in English).
    5. We help each other with kind and honest feedback.
    6. We are mature and chill adults (or behave as if we were).

    Who you are:

    1. You want to war as much as possible.
    2. You follow war plan instructions, and do your best every time.
    3. You like to learn and practice 3-star attack strategies, and your base is not rushed.
    4. You read and respond to Discord messages daily (in English).
    5. You are humble, teachable, and like helping your teammates.
    6. You are no-drama, laid-back, and easy-going.


    1. Participate in wars.
    2. Communicate on Discord.
    3. Be excellent to each other... and party on!

    Apply in and follow the instructions before requesting to join in game.

    If your base doesnít meet our town hall requirements (, or if you prefer a more casual clan, you can apply to our sister clan, Mutant Z (

    Clan Tag: #28P220JCV. Recruiting unrushed TH levels 9+: TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12

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