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Thread: How did I lose the lead of my beighbourhood???

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    Question How did I lose the lead of my beighbourhood???

    Hello everyone!
    I am(was?) the leader of a neighbourhood. Since I didnt have enough time for playing and the game had ended up being a huge distraction for me (spent days playing and actually didnt study lol), I decided to unistall it. Lately I have been thinking about coming back to the game bc I am finally graduating! However, a friend of mine who's playing rn visited my farm and neighbourghood and noticed that someone else had taken the lead of MY neighbourhood? Is this a new feature? Is it beacuse of my inactivity? And, if so, how was it possible?


    EDIT : I just read about this new thing, according to which I got demoted beacuse I didnt log into the game. The question now is : Will I be leader again once I'll log in again??
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    You will have to ask the current leader if they will promote you again, but they are under no obligation to make you the leader again.

    If they refuse you may have to start another neighborhood.
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