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Thread: Keep Season Bank loot safe and accessible

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    Keep Season Bank loot safe and accessible

    I and I suppose many other of you players out there have notice that it seems quite frustrating, confusing and/or questionable the fact that once the Season Pass ends, all the loot from the Season Bank (25M Gold, 25M Elixir and 250k Dark elixir if you managed to fill the bank) goes directly to your storages, of course, the fact that there is no storage limit is kinda good... But I see it rather useless or better said, no point to it, because as we all may know, most of us have our builders (all 5) working at every moment, and upgrading takes a long time, especially at higher TH Levels, they take days upgrading a building, and if all five builders are busy... This leaves the Loot we got from the season bank un able to be used, vulnerable to getting robbed, and we all know that.

    That's why I suggest we get a feature, be it a building (in the base like a safe, a vault, etc.), a area outside the base (like where the merchant and clan games are located) or just a simple window where all that loot we get from the season bank can be safe and not get looted, because, what's the point of getting so much loot and then have it just sitting there to get looted by other players when it's going to be days untill at least one of your builders is finished upgrading something.

    And finally just an idea for the possible building, like I said it could be a type of safe or vault being guarded by "Royal Guards" to have this sort of CoC x CR we already have with the troops.

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    You had 30 days to plan ahead and still you want a big chunk of loot stored somewhere where no one can get to it?

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