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Thread: NH frustration

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    NH frustration

    Hi all,
    I started playing a few years ago and came back in Nov/Dec below level 18. Iím now (almost) level 65. I play almost all day long because Iím on disability and canít do much else. I was in a nice starter hood which was helpful and not too derby focused although we enjoyed it. Very soon I was promoted to co-leader and a few months later inherited the hood. By that time we had kicked inactive farms and had a group of mostly active players, but not serious derby and a lot of members constantly asking for items and help without participating in derby or helping others. Weíd go up a league or two and then people would stop playing and weíd go down a league or two. I started trying to steer the hood into a derby focused direction with maybe five dedicated derby players. Iíd opt anyone out who didnít complete tasks, but theyíd opt in the next week and do the same. Some of the others started to fuss about the new rules and morale was going down. It was either kick out half the players or start anew. I had been thinking of creating my own hood before inheriting that one, so a few weeks later I did. I invited only my co-leader to follow me, since she was as motivated as me to start winning serious derby prizes. That was a little over 4 weeks ago. We made it into champions league and have been trying to entice new members. Iíve changed or info page, reworded it, changed our tags, both of us invited every English speaking game friend we have, to no avail. So now Iíve joined the forums and been reading like crazy and found out weíll never win the good deco in champions league with just the two of us!! I donít know what to do. Should we keep trying to recruit? Should we post in the looking for a hood threads? Iím not sure now that Iím up for starting & running a well organized derby team but I also donít want to join a derby team that doesnít have well enforced rules to avoid the slackers and beggars. Also, thereís a level gap between myself and my co-leader (sheís 51) so some hoods that look good to me that I can join, she canít. I want to go back to enjoying the game, having friends to chat with, and winning awesome prizes, but Iím unsure what my next best step is. Any advice?

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    I think you should try to post in the recruitment thread.
    I would also check the "looking for a neighborhood thread". I would suggest not posting on any thread that is over a day old as the person who posted it most likely has found a hood. I would only reply to the ones who fit EXACTLY what you are looking for. So often leaders appear desperate when they advertise their derby focused 10 x 320 neighborhood in a thread where the original poster was looking for somewhere that allowed for you not to finish all 9 tasks at 300+.
    It will take time to build a neighborhood. I would stick to your guns about what you expect and anyone who doesn't tow the line should be removed.
    In the meantime, you and your friend may have to just focus on what made Hay Day fun for you both and not worry about the prizes or the league or any of that.
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    Thanks for your advice, Hayfield! Iíll start checking the Looking for NH forums regularly.

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