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    Nov 2017

    Time to retire?

    Hi folks

    I began playing coc on 2015/jan so I'm playing till now, 1 completely maxed th12 and secondary one almost maxed, and some more accounts like eternal th7/8/9/10, accounts for donating troops and so on.

    (Un)fortunately I've reached the 'endgame'
    So game doesn't have the same fun for me
    I run a champion 3 clan, and being a leader is a factor why i didn't stop yet.

    But i believe it's time.

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    Senior Member Vook's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
    If a game is not fun for you, then I say it's time to move on

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    Sounds like you have received hours (and hours) of enjoyment from COC and evidently you have contributed to the enjoyment of others!!! Nice Job!!! Happy Trails!!!

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    We have all faced that same question at times... Good luck to you. I have had plenty of clan mates take a few months off as well and come back strong and excited.

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    Gods speed elsewhere, if your time has ended (for now?).
    Either find something else ingame to keep you entertained (some like educating folks, others run event-clans, etc) or really move on. Nothing will stop you to come back in future, or something. It's not like you have to delete your account.

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    If you are getting burned out take an extended break. I stopped playing around the time all the Heroes went from max 40 to 50 (about TH12 release) 2 Months ago i came back and it was fresh again. SOOO much changed. So many new things to learn. I was also a leader of a war clan so it was not easy to step away but I left the clan in good hands and they are still rocking... but your clan mates will miss your leadership im sure.
    Fresh out of retirement!

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    Pretty good run!

    Retire until Xmas. You probably won't miss too much.

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    Wow, what a run you must have! That's about 4 years and it is really long time even for COC.
    You should stop it for now because if you don't enjoy it, you'll end up hating it. Just take a break, after some time you'll miss it and it will be a lot fun again.
    P.S. So you are in Endgame now

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    The Water Seems Safe
    Take a break. Come back in a month. If it's still no fun anymore, retire. You've had a good long run.
    Villains United #9UJLRUVU - L10 Clan - Friday Wars - Always looking for TH6+ looking to do clan games. War is optional but if you're green we expect 2 attacks.

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    Ty folks for your kind words and advices !

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