Greetings! Let me say first that I am sure I am not alone in my suggestion, but am limited on time to post this. You all want to foster teamwork as well as the help the lower level villages to progress. With the current cost of gems per minute/second as well as the time limit on the clan castle request, this is a hindrance. The balancing that was done on the builder base to have the battle machine regenerate with the troops was a needed and huge improvement. I now play the bb regularly. If you all would consider reducing the cost per time, reduce the time overall or sync it to the time heroes regen that would be helpful. I know you all make your money from our buying gems, but this particular inconvenience is a major hindrance. I would use more gems to obtain training potions or boost more often if I could afford to get cc troops more often. This way I can continue to improve my own account by not constantly waiting on cc req refresh. Thank you.

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