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Thread: Needing tips on recruiting, no one's joining level 3 clan.

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    I moved my accounts to our alt cwl clan.. It went to level 4 during this seasons cwl there.

    But I am anticipating doing war by myself, at least until I hit level 5.. Then I may or may not expand.. Pointless below level 5 though, as nothing to offer new recruits.

    But, recruiting on the whole..

    Dont expect any quality to roll into town with a low level clan.. They can pick and choose, so wont choose a level 3 clan with a rushed 9 as leader, and a 10 as top base.

    Make your best account leader.. If that 10 is yours, and isnt rushed, then that one should carry the badge.. You may not bother which of your accounts is leader, as you know they are both/all yours.. But anyone viewing from the outside wont know that.. All they will see is a rushed 9 leader.

    Leading on from this, the reason why new recruits with decent bases will be asking for CO, is because you have that rushed 9 as leader.. They will look at that base, and think they have the right to insist on a prominent position within the clan, since they will be improving the clan simply with their inclusion.. So no rushed leader, because then at least it will look as though the leader knows what he is doing.

    Target your recruiting based on what is already in the clan.. If you comprise of 7s, 8s, and 9s, it is pointless expecting a 12 to join, as there would be nothing in it for him.. Be realistic.

    Your war log is closed.. Is this because you read threads about spying, and how to protect yourself?, or is it that your war record is poor?.. If it is the former, then make that log public.. Show the world that you smash your opposition.. Who cares if opponents visit your last oppo, to have a sneak peek.. if you are good, then they are unlikely to stop you anyway.. a good war record is a great lure for drawing in war players.. If the record is bad, then lower your expectations.. War players wont join a clan that cant war.

    Get your name out there.. Go join the throng on global.. be vocal and show some knowledge about the game.. There are many players that scour global, looking to better themselves.. Whilst you are chatting, they will be checking you out.. Use your best base when doing this.. The idea is to look good, and lure them in.

    Post in the looking for clan mates section.. Make sure your rules are included, and what will be expected of new members.. Remember the daily bump, as trickle feed recruiting would be the result of this at best.

    Most of all, get the clan active.. 20 good members is enough to get the clan through.. You can cover any eventuality with that many.. Regular War, CWL, Clan Games.. All 3 boxes ticked.

    Any extras can be found by starting alts of your own.. As they grow, so does your options.
    Good luck.
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