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Thread: Green Acres is the place to be, FARM LIVING IS THE LIFE FOR ME!

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    Green Acres is the place to be, FARM LIVING IS THE LIFE FOR ME!


    GREEN ACRES, A LEVEL 13 CLAN, IS RECRUITING SOME PLAYERS. Opportunities for Clan War Leagues, and we need help with clan games as well. We always get all the Rewards. Currently in GOLD I for CWL, we were in Crystal II at one point, and have lost our place the last couple wars. We have about 20 players right now, maybe 15 are active. Currently we have 4 Leaders/Co-Leaders, would be willing to give a Co-Leader spot to someone who brought a larger group with them. We started way back in 2013. Our core group is probably 8 guys. Some of us have a couple accounts. We also have some newer younger maybe late teens players. We really like 18 and up, everyone is AN ADULT. Most of us 420, and in fact that was our original name until Super Cell started blocking that number. We actually got a name change!

    Typical stuff is required, DO YOUR ATTACKS! Usually we hit our mirrors first and then clean up 2nd, of course in CWL we have a different strategy for each war. We like it simple, so we just use Clan Chat to communicate. We are USA based, all of us are American, although we have had some Brits in the past. We are pretty open-minded and just enjoy the game. A few of us do a lot of Air Attacks, some others are into the Ground Game, Miners and GoWiBo being a couple of the popular ground attacks we employ as well as always a Queen Walk.

    MAX TROOPS ARE DONATED. We don't care too much about your donations, most of our top level folks have decent jobs, and don't mind donating our troops, especially with the new Season Challenges and the accompanying 1 Gem Boost. If you are a lower level TH and would enjoy these types of troops, come and join us.

    If you are a TH 11 or a TH 12, you better be good. You carry a lot of War Weight, you better be able to hold your own. If you suck, well if you are a TH 8, that's fine. Suck away! What we need most is people that want to play, not just park your base. PLAYERS WANTED!

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