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Thread: Best Trophy Range to Farm for TH10?

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    Best Trophy Range to Farm for TH10?

    Forgive me I'm sure this has been posted at least a million times, but I just returned after about a 3 year hiatus from the game and was wondering, what have you all found is the best trophy range to farm in for a Th10? I'm currently sitting in Titan 3, where I find decent loot especially with the loot bonus, but I'm sure it is most likely not the most efficient place to farm.

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    Hello and welcome back

    Titan league provides loot bonus (as well as daily) that compensate the higher army costs, but army training time (unless boosted) limit the number of raids of loaded bases, nexts should be limited. Defenses are Iíd say impossible for a th10, so youíll lose loot. Not sure what bases will be offered, but if mostly th11-12. then nexts may be needed...

    Gold/Crystal provides high loot from dead bases, using cheap armies, in cost and training time, often without spells/heroes. But many nexts are needed to find these plump bases. Defenses are rare, unless your base is loaded.

    All depends what you prefer: heavy/war like armies and tough raids, or barch/gobs easies, and next a lot.

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    As a th10 Im finding the edge of crystal and masters a sweet spot. Usually hitting for around 6k de.

    I will next 10 times and then drop and check again. I like to keep trophies under 2600 and sit in either crysyal 1 or low masters 3.

    I use mass miners w heals and 1 poison. Most raids I use 2 or 3 heals. If you have easy access to siege you sometimes dont have to use spells at all.

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    I'm currently at gold 2 with 450k/450k/800 per raid by using only barch. Usually it will took about 15-40 nexts to find dead base but considering the training time and cost for barch is relatively low, I'd say its worth it. Not great for farming DE..

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    For th10 I would recommend hovering between crystal and master. Laloon or miners up, barch or gobs down. There are many dead bases and the loot bonus is somewhat decent. If you are a pusher, you can go up to titan but you will be attacking up and that will probably not be very efficient.

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    Guys can u plzz also tell what army you are heros are all sleeping so i am having trouble with armies

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    Doesnít matter, attack frequency far out weights searching for the perfect spot. Find an army that works well vs any base you get matched against and spend less time searching and more time attacking and youíll find yourself maxing your loot faster then your builders can finish building on a regular basis
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    Between crystal and master

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    Iím in champs and couldnít be happier, using whatever army comp I want and always waiting for a free builder with full storages.
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    stay in Crystal 1 or master 3,because i m a almost max townhall 10 in champions 1 with 3970 trophies and i m getting maxed out townhall 11 opponents whenever i search for an attack

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