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    Red face Farming for 6 Years

    Six years ago I downloaded Hay Day after watching some very convincing ads. Hay Day has been there throughout various milestones in my life. I have made friends, and even a fiance. Who knew?

    Who else is celebrating a Hay Day anniversary? What has Hay Day brought into your life?
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    Awwww, Congrats on your HD anniversary and on life!

    My 6 years is not until closer to Christmas. But I will say that the happiness it has brought me is more than one ever expects from a game. I have introduced the game (although our playing styles are very different) to Mr. M, and a few other friends. I have also met in real life a few of my hoodmates just because I was going to be in the area anyway.

    HayDay for me is the calm I need many days. It is always there, just as I left it the last time it was close up. 😊
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    My 5 year anniversary is this summer. I too started playing after seeing an ad on TV (My chickens have never laid a pile of eggs BTW).
    This came after a farming game I used to play shut down on the platform I played it on. I lost EVERYTHING. Although there are things I liked better about the other game ( I had a Dodo and grew corpse flowers for perfume) there are many things I like better about Hay Day (crops don't die if I take time off for real life).
    I have been joined by friends and family. My nephew still calls it the Chicken game. I have tried other games but Hay Day is the only one I have stuck with.
    I appreciate the fact that you move forward in Hay Day by working together, instead of by overpowering someone else. Conquering and theft isn't part of the game and I LOVE that fact.
    I have to play at least for the next three years so I can open all the expansion scroll land and even my farm out again.
    I am so excited about the new update coming soon.
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    Itíll be my 5th year in less than a week. Same thing happened to me. There were all these silly - in the very best way - TV commercials constantly in my face. I must have thought in some twisted way that downloading the thing they kept pushing at me would stop the madness. Little did I know that 5 years later Iíd be ruminating on the world wide travels of a chicken - whoís so very obviouslya spy!😏

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    I’m disabled & play games to keep me busy. I’ve played PC versions of similar games for years. I saw an ad for Hay Day & really wanted to try it. So... I ran out & purchased my very first iPad just to play Hay Day. By far the best Free-to-play game ever made!!

    That was only last August so I’m still in my first year... and Love it. I’m not advancing very fast (no need) and therefore only just reached level 67. I’m looking forward to the next update to see what new elements SC is going to bring us.

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    My 5 year “HayDayversary” will be in July. I had just retired from a 30 year career as a speech pathologist when I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Amoozing! I’m completely enjoying my 2nd career as a virtual farmer!

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    Iíll be celebrating 4 years this fall. My favorite memories are teaching my oldest granddaughter how to play. She was 3 when she started first learning to harvest crops. She learned simple math by doing truck orders.. you have 2 eggs your truck wants 3. How many more do you need? She learned to watch the time bar to know how much time things were taking to be complete. She opened her own hood bf she was 4. She is 7 now and her hood has 30 members in professional league! We had great fun together but now she is in school.

    Ive also met wonderful people in the game and here on the forums. I love the teamwork involved and agree with another poster that itís nice that it doesnít involve violence and theft, or bad language. I can relax and enjoy the game and the company. Although Iím a competitive derby player, I love that this game provides something for everyone no matter what your style of play. You can choose which aspects of the game you want to pursue and still progress through the game.
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    My 6 year anniversary will be this year. Hay Day has given me such relaxation in a very busy world. I took a break from it since last summer because I was making a short film and didn't have the time to devote to it anymore. But I always come back it no matter how long the break because of the calm and order it has and that is expanded to these forums and all the people i get to interact with because of the game.

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    My 6 year anniversary was in early April when some of my grandchildren showed me and my husband the game and we have been farming ever since. Our daughter was playing then and had a long break for a nu bee of years, resuming her farm early last year😀.
    It is fun playing with family members. We have made some great friends from the game and met a few of them.
    I also like that things stay as I leave them and that things donít die. It is mostly a calming activity, except for being opted in unexpectedly last week and then having major connection problems in our region so I could not log in for over 12 hours. 🤔

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    I also have a 6 year anniversary soon - 6 years!! Wow! This game has given me many hours of pleasure and relaxation, as has this forum and the folks on it. I’m looking forward to the new area, as well.

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