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    Lightbulb Private chats

    Would you guys/girls consider adding private messages because I think it would be a great addition because sometimes people would like to talk to others in different clans to have better communication.

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    Just use an app for chatting, discord, band ect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    Just use an app for chatting, discord, band ect.
    The OP came to suggest an improvement to the in-game messaging. They're weren't asking for a suggested list of solutions outside of the game.

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    Since this comes up at least every other day, would be nice to hear if it is something they would consider in the future or if it is ruled out.
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    If something like that is implemented, the first and most important thing SC does need to implement is a friendinvite-block.
    I'd guess, only friends should be allowed to whisper to each other (security-measure, so you cannot spam some stranger), but then again, legends and everyone with a female nickname will get SPAMMED with friendinvites for a 'private chat'. So some kind of block would be pretty mandatory finally.

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    I think that this could be in place, but allow people to turn on a setting to not recieve freind invites or private chat invites.

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    There would have to be a “do not disturb” button that would ignore the friend invites. Also, it would be a nightmare for supercell to police these chats. This is probably the reason that they have not added it yet and probably never will.

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