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Thread: Blossom derby no max points

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    Blossom derby no max points

    We have just finished blossom derby. Our points add up to 6700 but only shows 6350 which puts us into 6th place instead of 2nd.

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    If the points on the log (the tab where chat is) adds up to something different than what is shown, take a screenshot of both the log and the derby horses that show a different score and contact support through the game. Send them the screenshots and explain exactly what the issue is.

    It may be too late for any correction to be made, but you will have at least tried and made them aware that there is a problem.

    Good luck!
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    Did someone fail a task or did it time out and become another blossom at lower points at some point ?
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    If you both did indeed complete the final task in the time allowed then try trashing the final task off the board. This (I believe) May have helped another NH a while back with a similar issue. Couldn’t hurt to try.

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    Thank you silver raptor, that helped 😁

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