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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    As far as TH13 is concerned: I'm not sure what horizon you are looking at, but as far as Darian has stated there's no such concrete idea on the horizon yet.
    Well, one thing was promised: less gap between major update than between th11 and th12 (that was 30 months, give or take). It’s been almost 12 months since th12 was released... so ‘latest’ end of next year, better earlier.

    As far as OP’s opinion, I would discourage anyone from maxing fast, as then that one side of the game (looting in multi) kinda goes away (at least for me). And yes there are advantages to have a maxed base faster, but that’s for I think a limited player group.

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    Its wickedly simple business model and brilliant.
    1) lower rates
    2) bring more people into the spending tent at said lower rates
    3) revenue goes up (insert mind blown emoji)
    You give an inch, theyíll take your smile.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mlaw44 View Post
    Someone help me understand this please. Before season passes, people could by gens to advance quickly bu pt the costs were so high only a few richer people could fly through the game. Now, with season passes, many people will advance defensively at a much higher rate than without those paying. Thatís different than some other competitive games that have paid content because they donít provide an advantage.

    In cwl, the clans with higher town halls can easily win over lesser town hall clans. So, people that buy the season passes will have a significant advantage in cwl. In other words, it seems like when th13 comes out those unpaying customers will lose in cwl just because theyíre not least for a long time as it takes a while to upgrade defenses. Not just that, but the entire clan needs to progress quickly to complete. Thats all different than regular wars, where unpaid customers are matched with similarly situated opponents.

    So, Iím at a crossroads because I feel like I may have to either pay for the season pass or fall behind a significant amount of other players just because Iím not buying the season pass. Iím also torn because Iíve played this game for so long I feel like I should pay, but Iíd rather pay for things like snowmen statutes instead of game advantages. People might say I can just not play cwl, but what decent clan doesnít? Itís now a part of the game and near impossible to avoid. I feel like the season pass is becoming a virtual requirement rather than a perk.
    It's very kind of you to think that buying gold pass makes you a good war attacker. I mean when you buy a gold pass all of a sudden you become good at funneling troops to the center of the base. I won't deny that they won't have some sort of advantages but do you think you are the only COC playing person on earth who will not buy the gold pass?
    People who buy Gold Pass aren't immune to the fact that they won't miss their war attacks on occasions which could be an advantage for ur clan. So don't worry much and clash on.
    Also take this into account, your clan mates are also gonna buy gold pass which is indirectly good for you because their attacks matter in war too. So the advantages of gold pass is for people of both the clans that are at war with each other.
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