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Thread: 💎THE DIAMOND BUNCH💎 #8GVJGYGL Fun, friendly, casual but not TOO casual!

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    💎THE DIAMOND BUNCH💎 #8GVJGYGL Fun, friendly, casual but not TOO casual!

    Hi there!

    Do you like Derby? Do you like being in a neighborhood where people are competitive, yet friendly and helpful?

    Check out The Diamond Bunch! (Tag:#8GVJGYGL)

    Minimum Level:60

    Champions League (3 Gold, 6 Silver, 13 Bronze)

    Requirements: Everyone in Derby should try to complete 9 tasks at 300+ points, but you only need a minimum of 2000 points per week to stay.

    We are friendly and helpful! We are friendful...and helply! We understand it's just a game. We also understand...who doesn't like winning games? We each try our best and that's the best we can ask of you.

    Come and join The Diamond Bunch! We have a spot just for you!

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    This is a bumpity bump. Come join us! 8 strong and looking to grow

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    Still looking, we like town players too

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    Bumping because we have a new derby upon us! Let's have some fun

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    Oh, hi there! Would love more neighbors. Especially town players. Bumping
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    Still hoping for more players! Bump

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    Still looking! Bump

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    Blossom Derby is upon us! Join us!

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    This was a good Blossom Derby for us! We only take easy tasks for Blossom Derby and finish them as quickly as possible so the next person can complete it. Blossom Derby is all about teamwork and patience. If that sounds like something you want, come join us!

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    Daily BUMP.

    Right now, it's looking like we will have to update our trophy count in Champions League and add another silver!

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