Feel free to join our discord to start an application. If you have received this post on the forum you should take it as a waiver to the general requirements if you do not meet them


But you should still go through and get a feel for the clan and how we roll.

We are a war first clan, I spend a lot of time online helping people with their attacks and layouts. We have about 30 members and 80% of them fall within the Th10+ range with the remainder being friends visiting or alt accounts.

As per usual members who have IRL or upgrading heroes have been opted out so war sizes as small. Chances are you will not be anywhere close to the top of the list in our clan wars.

I am looking more for experienced or seasoned players. I donít mind helping you out if you seem to be someone worth investing in though.

If you have any questions, just ask on discord. Itís pretty much required for the clan and itís where we are going to handle all our events.

Hope to see your application!


For clan; Project Meteor