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Thread: Best League for farming: Crystal vs Champs

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    Best League for farming: Crystal vs Champs

    Hi, i am an almost well developed 9.5 and have upgraded queen to max, king to 39 and most th 10 troops except the pekkas. Which league is best to farm up for my walls and new defenses, infernos etc. Is the loot bonus worth pushing to champs? Or should i still goblin knife bases in crystal?

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    Easy, fast loot, low cost army? Stay in crystal.

    Enough loot to keep 5 builder busy and dump the rest into walls, while actually hitting live bases? Climb up.

    Just a matter of activity and playstyle. I'm currently sitting in Champs2 with maxed storages, while waiting for my lab to grind away and sending a builder towards the last upgrades left, as soon he is available.

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    Champs, 100%. Live up to your potential is my motto

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    i like the lower levels. barchgob to drop trophies, Queen walk pekka giant to gain.

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    Crystal the best to farm a lot with low army costs. I, personally use Barch to farm on every account no matter what townhall it is. I do barch even at champs and save a ton of loot. Champs if you really want to get dark elixir alot. Easy there you know.
    Ex-Townhall 7 Champ (When champs was a thing :c)

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