Legacy Rising #LP2PYRGU is looking for TH9+ Active only Max Games and CWL GOLD I

Legacy Rising is Recruiting Strong War and Farm players looking for a team!

Legacy Rising exists principally to promote TEAMWORK! Join us for great teamwork, strategy and game analysis; if you are looking for a handout, or a free ride, head on down the road. This game takes work and thinking about the other 49 people you are playing with to be successful…we want to be as successful as possible and through teamwork help you to be successful as well!

Anybody can hide in a big lvl15+ clan without ever really getting utilized to their full potential...at Legacy we are still small enough that most of our bigger 9s, 10s and larger accounts all get to war regularly...this means your participation matters, and you don't get left behind when the clan does big things like CWL!

We are hoping to find some new accounts for next season of the CWL! Currently in GOLD I
Players looking to join:
Discord Join link (please respond with your Gamer name, Gamer Tag #xxxxxx, age, Country): https://discord.gg/gyv8cND

Also, if there are any clans out there that are heavily slowing down, but might like to join an established clan for CWL or Clan Game maximization...contact me for potential merger.
Clans looking to merge into Legacy Rising can hit the Discord link (include current clan and your current player tag - leader): https://discord.gg/Nzf2QH9

Legacy Rising

  • LVL 10 clan: max troop bump, war loot bonuses, troop donation refund and 8 troop donation
  • Clan Games 50k max
  • TH12 run
  • Max troops
  • Adult run
  • War just about 24/7 (day off before CWL and after)
  • Mellow (mostly students and people with day jobs!) chat environment, clean, but adult
  • Organizational management: elder meetings, website, Google HO or Discord set up for clan organization and war meetings
  • Adult, professional management: We don't kick for missing attacks, we bench you - forcing you to apply for getting back on the war roster; we don't threaten people with kicking to push base building - you will be put on the war bench if you cannot bring value to the war effort and are "over your skis" in your offense or defense.
  • Leadership is treated as an obligation and a duty, not a privilege for friends, or bragging rights.
  • Website

Interested players should be:

  • TH9+ (particularly th10,th11, th12)
  • Active and willing to work for their mates
  • War stars: 250+ th9, 500+ th10, th11, th12
  • Patient and honest – we don’t give elder or co for you asking repeatedly, nor reward those who fail to show up and participate in basic membership functions of the clan
  • Interested in learning war/farm techniques
  • We all love to 3 star, but no, you don't get kicked for doing poorly...participation and learning is our only requirement!
  • Clan Games participation is key (we max games)
  • Chatty and friendly – clan can be quiet, or very talkative
  • Adult/family friendly -- adult run but fairly clean language

Thanks, and hope to see you clashing!

PGA LVL 207 TH12 1283 War Stars
PGA JR LVL 141 TH10 802 War Stars

JOIN: https://discord.gg/gyv8cND